So we can better serve our customers - here are the day spa policies.


New clients are asked to please arrive 10 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time so that the groomer can evaluate your pet's coat and answer any questions you may have. Also, feel free to stop by anytime to visit us and speak with us.


Because we book on an hourly basis and cancellations can leave an empty block in the schedule that could have otherwise been used by another customer, we ask that any cancellations are made at least 24 hours in advance or a cancellation fee may be imposed on your next visit.

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Any new puppy clients being serviced in our salon must be up to date on all puppy vaccinations. Adult/senior dogs must be current on at least rabies. We recommend, but do not require, distemper and bordetella also.


If a dog is showing excessive negative behavioral issues toward the groomer (biting or growling) that can not be corrected by using positive reinforcement, it will be under the groomer's discretion to continue to perform any service for the safety of the groomer or others.

If a pet suffers from any chronic medical condition(s) (epilepsy, heart condition, spinal injuries, etc..), the customer must inform the groomer of such, so extra gentle handling can be taken.


Should the groomer find evidence of fleas after drop off, it will be under the groomer's discretion to perform a flea and tick bath and/or dip immediately to inhibit an infestation within our grooming salon. An additional fee will be imposed.


The actual grooming time given initially in reception, at the time of drop off, will be approximate based on the breed and services being rendered. However, we can not predict any behavioral or stress issues prior to his/her treatment(s). Therefore, additional time may be applied for service breaks. Please note, it is not our intentions to rush any of our services being offered, especially on any pet showing signs of stress during his/her treatment.

Any pet not picked up within one hour after the pickup phone call may be subjected to a daycare fee which is $10 for a half day or $10 per fifteen minutes if after Preppie Pooch's posted closing hours for that day.


Gratuities are not included and are at the discretion of the guest caretakers. 10-20% is a standard gratuity.


Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover AcceptedVisa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Cash and Checks are accepted. A $35 fee will be collected for all returned checks.


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