We're not just dog grooming, we pamper and spoil dogs and we love it.


The Standard Grooming Package includes a hair cut, a bath, a nail trim, ear cleaning and/or plucking, brush out and hand blow drying.

The Bath Only Package includes the same options as Standard Dog Grooming package minus the hair cut.

ALL prices are ESTIMATES ONLY based on flat coats and may vary depending on the level of breed haircut, intricacy, condition and length of coat, severity of matting, tangling, cleanliness and the size of the dog. The prices below are minimum "STARTS AT" prices and the staff will determine in which size category your pet belongs.

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Standard Grooming
X-Small dog $35
Small dog $45
Medium dog $50
Large dog $75
X-Large dog $95
Bath ONLY Grooming
X-Small dog $20
Small dog $25
Medium dog $30
Large dog $40
X-Large dog $50
Add to Groom
Ear Cleaning incl
Ear Plucking incl
Sanitary Trim incl
Face Feet Sani Trim incl
Anal Gland Expr $5
Nail file or Dremel $10
Add to Bath
Ear Cleaning incl
Ear Plucking incl
Sanitary Trim $5
Face Feet Sani Trim $10
Anal Gland Expr $5
Nail file or Dremel $10


Here’s the good stuff. These are the luxurious spa services that we offer to spoil your furry friends.

Basic Spa Package - $12
Whirlpool Hydrotherapy Bath, Shampoo Upgrade, Blueberry Facial and a spritz of Les Poochs Cologne
Deluxe Spa Package - $18
Includes Basic Spa Package plus Teeth Brushing, Conditioner and a Paw Bubble Soak
Ultimate Spa Package - $25
Includes Basic and Deluxe Spa Packages plus a Sweet Brown Sugar Scrub or a Dead Sea Mud Wrap
Shampoo Upgrades (Free with Spa Package)
Happy Tails Oatmeal or Flea and Tick - $5 to $9
Les Poochs VIP and Les Poochs Deodorizer - $8 to $12
Ala Carte
Teeth Brushing - $8
Les Poochs Cologne Spritz - $2
Nose and Paw Balm - $5
Nail Polish (made for dogs) - $15
Flea Dip (for severe cases only) - $15 to $27


Whirlpool Hydrotherapy Bath - $10
We have two sizes of whirlpool baths, one for large dogs and one made especially for smaller dogs. Gentle jetted nozzles massage warm water all over your pet's body from shoulders to toes providing the perfect release for muscle tension and anxieties. Ideal for nervous pets that usually do not like baths and senior dogs with joint pain.
De-Shed Treatment - $5 to $20
A special shampoo and conditioner combination massaged deap into the coat loosens the unhealthy, shedding hair and then a vigorous brush out and hand blow dry expels the unwanted coat.
Blueberry Facial Scrub - $5
This tearless, all natural blueberry scented face wash is gently applied during your pet’s facial massage and their faces come out bright and clean. Regular application will clean off any tear stains. It works just as well on the whole body which is available for an additional charge.
Sweet Brown Sugar Scrub - $10 to $18
A gentle, non irritating and natural exfoliant stimulates and rejuvenates your pet’s dull, dry skin by unclogging pores and improving healthy skin circulation and cell turnover. Afterwards, a Sweet Brown Sugar wash is applied as a rinse to only remove the granulations and not the sweet fragrance and infused oils.
Conditioning Body Wrap - $10 to $18
A deep, thick conditioner developed for pets is massaged into your pet’s coat and skin and then they are wrapped with a warm towel giving relief to seriously dry skin and dry coat.
Paw Soak and Balm Rub - $10
Paws are soaked in a soothing treatment designed to relieve the environmental irritants that dry out and crack their paws and then a natural, creamy balm is massaged into their paws to moisten and help alleviate any pain they may have. We will also apply the balm to their dry noses and elbows if needed.


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